Monday, 14 April 2014

673 [PGBSC] Thank You!

I would like to thank everyone for the great job this weekend at the Prince George Dental Moose Meet.  As everyone knows, it takes many people to make this meet work and your time is very much appreciated.


I want to especially thank the people that go the extra mile to make this happen.  Many people volunteer for the days of the meet but there are a few people that have to prepare prior to the meet and I would like to acknowledge them. 


Georgie Gerula – Director of Officials:  This can be a very challenging job.  When we all show up to the meet she has spent hours putting together the list of who is doing what.  On the day of the meet it all could change and she has to scramble to get enough people to cover the positions needed to make the meet run.   I don't know how she does it but somehow we always have enough officials to run the meet. 


Andy Godden – Technical Director:  Andy is another person that without his help the meet could not run as smoothly as it does.  Andy can spend up to 2 -3 days (maybe more?) making sure the electronic side of the meet is ready.  Unfortunately, the equipment that is running the meet is getting older which is why he needs to spend this time. 


Kris Lewington – Food and Drink:  Kris spends many days prior to the meet organizing the food and drinks for the officials.  Those chocolate covered strawberries were awesome! (I wish I had taken 2!)


As Meet Manager it is my job to oversee all of these functions ( and a few more ) that make the meet come together.  I'm not sure how other clubs manage their meets but it seems that the Barracuda volunteers are ready and willing to help out.  They are ready to do what is needed without question or direction because they know what needs to be done.  This really makes my job a lot easier and I thank you all for that!


Have a wonderful day and I look forward to working with you all again at the meet in the fall😄


Niki Korolek

Meet Manager