Thursday, 21 July 2011

Canadian Top 20

Please follow the link for a list of Canadian Top 20 as of July 21, 2012


Andy Godden



Prince Geotrge Barracuda Swim Club




Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Swimming Canada's Revised Swimwear "Rule Interpretation"

On July 13, Swimming Canada released a revised "Rule Interpretation" on swimwear at competitions, which supersedes the interpretation that was available on Swimming Canada's website as recently as the TAS 2011 SwimBC Long Course AAA Championships.

At that meet, many suits were sold which conformed to the interpretation which was current at the time, but which would now appear to not meet SNC's new interpretation.

The full text of the interpretation is below, with the actual document available here (linked from

Swimwear Rule and Interpretation

 ALL swimmers participating in a SNC designated meet or provincially sanctioned meets shall be required to comply with swimwear rule GR 5 as follows:

GR 5 – Swimwear

GR 5.1 The swimwear (swimsuit, cap and goggles) of all competitors shall be in good moral taste and suitable for the individual sports disciplines and not to carry any symbol which may be considered offensive.

GR 5.2  All swimsuits shall be non transparent. CGR A swimmer may wear only one swimsuit in competition, and shall observe all FINA regulations related to swimwear as stated in the FINA Bylaws and Rules

The referee of a competition has the authority to exclude any competitor whose swimsuit or body symbols do not comply with this Rule.

GR 5.4 Before any swimwear of new design, construction or material is used in competition, the manufacturer of such swimwear must submit the swimwear to FINA and obtain approval of FINA.

FINA BL 8.3 From January 1, 2010 swimwear for men shall not exceed above the navel nor below the knee, and for women, shall not cover the neck, extend past the shoulder, nor shall extend below knee. All swimsuits shall be made from textile materials.

SNC has made the following interpretations for GR 5:

All swimwear used in competition in Canada must appear on the FINA approved list with the following exception:

Where a swimwear manufacturer has not submitted swimwear to FINA for approval due to the swimwear no longer being in production, SNC reserves the right to allow such swimwear where it can be confirmed that the swimwear conforms to the shape, design and material conditions outline in FINA BL 8.3 (above).

Under GR 5.3 wherein it is stated "the competitor must wear a swimsuit in one or two pieces..." SNC interprets this to mean a swimmer is limited to wearing a single suit only and where the suit is "two pieces" that the pieces do not overlap each other and are distinct units (ie/ bikini style).

All Canadian Record applications will be reviewed to ensure compliance with GR 5. A Declaration of Swimwear must be submitted with the application to ensure compliance.

All foreign swimmers competing in Canada will be required to comply with GR 5 Any swimmer not complying with GR 5 shall be disqualified.

Where there has been a formal checkin process at previous SNC designated competitions, this is no longer required.

Filing a Protest under GR 5:

1. Any registered SNC coach who believes an illegal swimsuit has been used in competition may submit a written protest (refer to GR 9.2) to the referee citing the name of the swimmer, the event number, heat number and lane number.

2. The referee will consider the protest and if accepted, will immediately inform the Meet Commission.

3. The Meet Commission will review the protest based on rule GR 5 and the SNC interpretations for GR 5 in the following manner: 

  • The coach of the swimmer will be notified that a protest has been received; The swimsuit in question will be requested for the purposes of examination and verification; The Meet Commission has the right to solicit information from "Industry Experts" to identify the suit model and type if required.
  • Should the swimsuit not be FINA approved OR not meet the shape, design and material conditions represented by the rule, the swimmer will be disqualified.
  • Should the Meet Commission not be able to determine the legality of the suit prior to the swimmers next event, the swimwear will be considered legal.

4. Should the swimsuit not be FINA approved OR not meet the shape, design and material conditions represented by the rule, the swimmer will be disqualified.

5. Should the Meet Commission not be able to determine the legality of the suit prior to the swimmers next event, the swimwear will be considered legal.


Wednesday, 13 July 2011

results from Provincial Champs in Victoria

The following are results from the 2011 SwimBC Provincial Championships in Victoria July 7-10.
Kathryn Chrobot, Patricia Fortier, Hannah Esopenko, Grace Ni, Kailey Tress, Sterling King, Claire Shrimpton, Kathryn Binnema, Bailey Hardy, Jessa Wing, Haley Black, Danica Ludlow, Ethan Godden, Harrison Lagzdin, Sava Yungman and Josiah Binnema took the club to a 9th place finish.  There were 43 teams in attendance.
The club finished with 11 Gold medals, 9 Silver medals and 5 Bronze medals
The following are top 8 Club results
200 free
Danica gold 2:08.45
Jessa 5th 2:15.04
Sava 6th 2:07.10
Sterling silver 1:57.01 club record 2:00.10 07/00 Marcin Partyka
50 free
Danica 1st 27.78
Sava 5th 26.48
200 breast
Hannah 8th 3:15.00
Bailey silver 2:44.46
100 fly
Josiah 8th 1:10.12
Haley gold 1:03.88 club record 1:05.88 07/10 Haley Black
Sava bronze 1:02.23
Sterling silver 59.19 club record 59.61 05/98 Robbie Dunbar
400 im
Haley gold 5:14.67
800 free
Danica gold 9:32.92
Jessa bronze 9:39.48
Grace 8th 9:49.07
200 back
Haley silver 2:25.73
Jessa 4th 2:30.60
Danica 7th 2:34.38
Josiah 4th 2:26.11
Grace 4th 2:24.76
Harrison 4th 2:14.48
1500 free
Sterling silver 16:32.67 club record 16:43.69 07/08 Andrew Chrobot
100 free
Danica gold 59.26
Sava bronze 56.80
Sterling silver 54.63 club record 55.42 05/99 Brian Verigin
200 im
Hannah 8th 2:57.37
Josiah 7th 2:32.11
Haley silver 2:28.93
Jessa 8th 2:34.46
100 breast
Bailey silver 1:16.68 club record 1:17.88 07/07 Katie Mann
400 free
Danica gold 4:32.15
Sterling gold 4:06.40 club record 4:13.68 07/09 Andrew Chrobot
100 back
Harrison 7th 1:04.04
Josiah 7th 1:10.35
Haley gold 1:06.78 club record 1:06.88 07/10 Haley Black
Jessa 7th 1:10.66
Grace bronze 1:07.48
200 fly
Josiah 4th 2:35.14
Sava bronze 2:18.67
Haley gold 2:21.96 club record 2:28.07 06/11 Haley Black
Sterling silver 2:12.96 club record 2:13.81 07/97 Robbie Dunbar
Claire 4th 2:30.16 club record 2:32.78 04/10 Claire Shrimpton
Also again this year, SwimBC put together the "Quality Club Scoring".  It is based on individual events only, counting points scored by each club per swimmer entered in the meet; for clubs with fewer than four swimmers, their average point score is calculated as if they did have four swimmers at the meet.
Prince George, once again came out on top.  Below is the complete list with placing, team, # of athletes and total points

1 Prince George Barracudas PGB 16 75.249

2 Pacific Sea Wolves Swim Club PSW 27 74.610

3 Rouge et Or/Université Laval UL 4 70.000

4 Kelowna Aqua Jets Swim Club KAJ 10 69.000

5 Kamloops Classic Swimming KCS 18 65.332

6 Ravensong Aquatic Club RAC 12 63.916

7 Langley Olympians Swim Club LOSC 17 63.529

8 Ubc Dolphins UBCD 24 54.895

9 Fort St.John Inconnu Swimming CONNU 7 51.285

10 Simon Fraser Aquatics SFA 9 50.332

11 Winskill Dolphins WDSC 22 46.681

12 Hyack Swim Club HYACK 41 44.487

13 Richmond Rapids RAPID 39 43.794

14 Comox Valley Aquatic Club COMOX 11 43.636

15 Island Swimming IS 58 43.585

16 Vancouver Pacific Swim Club VPSC 43 41.220

17 West Vancouver Otters WVOSC 17 40.235

18 Uvic-Pacific Coast Swimming UVPCS 35 38.399

19 Chena - North Shore Swim Team CHENA 38 38.197

20 Campbell River Killer Whales CRKW 8 36.625

21 Liquid Lightning S.C. LLSC 25 31.760

22 Wayland Swim Club WSC 12 27.166

23 Spartan Swim Club SPART 11 25.635

24 Haney Seahorse Swim Club HANEY 4 25.250

25 Penticton Kisu Swim Club KISU 4 23.750

26 Whitehorse Glacier Bears WGB 4 23.500

27 Duncan Swim Team DST 6 18.500

28 Killarney Gators Swim Club GATOR 7 17.285

29 Chetwynd Electric Eels CEE 4 17.250

30 Vernon Kokanee Swim Club VKSC 11 16.362

31 Canadian Dolphin Swim Club CDSC 17 15.763

32 Shuswap Swimming Team SHU 4 15.750

32 Hollyburn Swim Team HST 4 15.750

34 Univ of Alberta Swim Club UA 4 12.500

35 Points North PN 15 9.999

36 The Kootenay Swim Club CKSC 4 9.750

37 Nanaimo Riptide Swim Team NRST 8 9.500

38 Summerland Orca Swim Club ORCA 4 8.750

38 Univ OF Calgary Swim Club UCSC 4 8.750

40 Surrey Knights Swim Club SKSC 15 8.466

41 Delta Sungod Swim Club DELTA 6 4.499

42 Ladysmith-Chemainus Swim Club LCSC 6 4.166

43 Williams Lake Blue Fins WLBF 4 3.500